February 2, 2023

Britain has its first day of coal-free power in 135 years

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By Jon Fingas From engadget Coal power has been a fixture of British culture ever since the country’s first plant went live in 1882. It shaped the Industrial Revolution (and the air pollution that followed), was involved in major labor disputes and even led to a famous album cover. However, the country is now backing […]

Before alarm clocks Brits paid people to wake them up

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By Alex Q. Arbuckle From Mashable 1900-1941 Knockers-up Snooze button not included. Before alarm clocks Brits paid people to wake them up by tapping on their windows Though designs for alarm clocks date back to the ancient Greeks, they were still not particularly widespread well after the Industrial Revolution. In Britain and Ireland, a large number of […]

Another corporate hero: Exxon Mobil fights back for free speech

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By Jaana Woiceshyn From How to be Profitable & Moral Many oil companies succumb to the pressure from environmental activists and the media and join the fight against ‘climate change,’ or at least make motions to appear to do so. Not Exxon Mobil. In a previous column, I applauded CEO Rex Tillerson for refusing to […]