September 18, 2023

Zoe Alexandra: ‘They Shot Them Down Like Animals’: Massacre at Peru’s Ayacucho

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Survivors and family members of victims of the massacre in Ayacucho on December 15 denounce that the army treated protesters like war targets, reminiscent of violence faced during the internal armed conflict. By Zoe Alexandra Author Bio: This article was produced by Globetrotter. Zoe Alexandra is a journalist and co-editor of Peoples Dispatch. Source: Globetrotter […]

The wide role Brazil’s military has played in the destruction of the Amazon

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By Pedro Marin / Globetrotter In the Brazilian Amazon, as deforestation reaches record levels and rivers are increasingly polluted, the illegal gold mining contributing to these problems continues largely unabated. The response of the government has been to increase military action to curb environmental crimes in Brazil. Far from achieving this purpose, however, the military intervention has only led to […]