February 6, 2023

Hosay: How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

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By Ken Chitwood From The Philadelphia Tribune A throng of Trinidadians line up along the streets of St. James and Cedros to admire the vibrant floats with beautifully bedecked models of mausoleums. Their destination is the waters of the Caribbean, where the crowds will push them out to float. This is part of the Hosay […]

Is Islam at a Crossroads and Importance of Hijrah

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By Dallas Darling From Wn.com Is Islam at a Crossroads? No. But like most other faiths and worldviews or secularized ideologies around the globe, it is experiencing significant internal and external transformations. And like the rest of those living in the world and who adhere to various principles that provides meaning and stability, a greater […]