April 12, 2021

El Salvador court frees woman jailed under anti-abortion laws

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From BBC A woman who was jailed for attempted murder under El Salvador’s strict anti-abortion laws has been freed. Imelda Cortez, 20, says she became pregnant by her stepfather who sexually abused her for many years. Doctors suspected she had tried to perform an abortion after she gave birth to a baby girl in a […]

Salvadoran woman impregnated after rape faces 20 years in jail for alleged attempted abortion

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By Maria Sherman From Jezebel Imelda Cortez, a 20-year-old woman from San Miguel, El Salvador, faces up to 20 years in prison on an attempted murder charge after being accused of attempting a home abortion. According to The Guardian, she was impregnated by her rapist, her 70-year-old stepfather, who Cortez says began abusing her when […]