April 20, 2021

Jeremy LaLonde casts Iggy Pop in new comedy film ‘Blue Iguana’ [being filmed in the Cayman Islands]

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By Drew Wardle From FAR OUT It has been announced that the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop, will be starring in Jeremy LaLonde’s upcoming dark comedy film, Blue Iguana. Filming started on March 8th and was scheduled to be completed by April 2nd. Pop will star as ‘Edward’, a wealthy patriarch whose death sparks a kill-or-be-killed scenario […]

I’d rather be eaten by a shark [in Cayman] than die old in an old people’s home”

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From Metro UK Just so you know, Iggy Pop says: ‘I’d rather be eaten by a shark than die in an old people’s home’ Possibly the best quote you will have heard all week. The 66-year-old Stooges front man ‘seriously’ can’t fathom the idea of being put into ‘assisted living’ as a pensioner and claims […]