September 26, 2022

“Back to Black”. My book is about to be published!

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By Janice D. MacLean If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.”—Henry Ford One of my favorite quotes and one of the inspirations behind my book BACK to BLACK | A Post-Pandemic Playbook. Henry Ford inspired the industrial revolution and I’m hoping to inspire a post-pandemic revolution for business […]


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FORDLANDIA: Inside Henry Ford’s failed utopian city in the Amazon By Drew Reed, The Guardian From Business Insider In 1928, northern Brazil was captivated by an enticing bit of news. The region’s residents were about to receive a new visitor, a man who came with the promise of reviving their ailing economy and introducing them […]

Heart surgery breakthrough: lifesaver for seniors

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By John Bachman and Nick Tate From Newsmax William O’Neill, M.D., knew that his 79-year-old heart patient was running out of options. She desperately needed a new heart valve but was too frail for conventional surgery. In a world-first, Dr. O’Neill and his colleagues at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit created a new way to […]