August 8, 2022

Guyana CG in Barbados calls for strengthened relations

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BY TANGERINE CLARKE From Caribbean Life Consul General of Guyana in Barbados, Cita Pilgrim has said now that there is a new administration in place in Barbados, the two countries have a long way to go, since Guyana is on the brink of huge development and the nature of its relationships in the region must […]

Echos from the Plantation’ chronicles Indians in Guyana

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BY TANGERINE CLARKE From Caribbean Life “Echos from the Plantation,” a docudrama that chronicles 180 years of East Indians in Guyana, and draws parallel between Indian and African indentured workers who braved inhumane conditions at the hands of slave masters, received rave reviews at its first screening in Brooklyn. Indo-Guyanese nationals commemorated their arrival on […]