September 22, 2023

Cayman Islands: ‘Grouper Moon’ takes on critical importance in 2019

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The Department of Environment (DoE), in partnership with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) organisation, has resumed its annual ‘Grouper Moon’ research project in the Cayman Islands and work on that project will continue into next month. The project, which started in the mid-1980’s and  dubbed ‘Grouper Moon’ when the REEF partnership began in 2002, […]

Nassau grouper off limits during Cayman Islands closed season

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28 November, 2018 The closed season for Nassau grouper in Cayman Islands waters begins 1 December, 2018 and lasts until 30 April, 2019. During the closed season anyone who takes, purchases, receives, offers for sale, exchanges or donates Nassau grouper commits an offence under the National Conservation Law (NCL). In addition, anyone who possesses or […]