January 29, 2023

Another invasive species found on Grand Cayman during Green Iguana cull

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A second invasive lizard species has turned up during the Department of Environment’s (DoE) ongoing hunt for Green Iguanas. This Knight Anole (Anolis equestris – see attached photograph) was discovered last week at Vigoro Nursery on Agricola Drive in Lower Valley. The species has been seen previously on Grand Cayman, but is not currently believed […]

Cayman Islands DoE hires manager for Green Iguana cullers

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The Department of Environment [DoE] has selected Cayman-based Cornwall Consulting as the project manager for the upcoming 2018/19 Green Iguana Cull Project following a competitive bidding process involving five firms. The cull effort, the largest ever undertaken by the Cayman Islands Government, is due to get under way Monday, 29 October, with more than 340 […]

Cayman Islands government announces full scale green iguana cull approaching start date

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The Department of Environment (DoE) is preparing to launch a full scale culling operation aiming to begin a significant and ongoing reduction of the invasive green iguana population on Grand Cayman. The cull is expected to begin in mid to late October 2018 and continuing through the end of 2019 and beyond. This operation developed […]