December 10, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Latest GIS Press release re Bodden Town fire

First of all full marks to the Cayman Islands Fire Service for finally extinguishing the fires at the Bodden Town Quarry. It took a long time as it was a very difficult job to do. With every fire there is smoke and even if the smoke isn’t black there is the smell. The residents at […]

The Editor Speaks: What is misrepresentation?

Misrepresentation according to the Cayman Islands Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure is the article published by one of Cayman Islands media outlets concerning the NRA’s Road Safety Conference by the team leading the George Town Revitalization Project, According to the Government Press Release we received, the media house “falsely claimed government plans a mass […]

The Editor Speaks: A good man leaves

I have to confess, when Neil Lavis arrived here from the UK to take up his job as Director of Her Majesty’s Cayman Islands Prison Service, I didn’t think he would last twelve months. He not only had to battle with the challenging job of dealing with criminals, but the government who would not spend […]

The Editor Speaks: Peace

Today (Thu 21) is International Peace Day and peace is something we all need. Here in the Cayman Islands we are celebrating it at The Family Resource Centre. This year’s theme is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”. It seeks to highlight key issues and encourage communities to focus on helping others, […]

The Editor Speaks: Major renovations to a George Town landmark

I must have been taking too much of the Cayman Islands sun and gone to sleep but I missed any announcement of major renovations to one of our George Town landmarks. The George Town Hall is to receive a major renovation involving a second storey. The George Town Town Hall is also known as The […]