November 30, 2021

Queen sex jokes on BBC Radio 4 a ‘serious breach’ of guidelines

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From BBC A BBC Radio 4 show broadcast on the Queen’s 90th birthday that included jokes about her sex life was in “serious breach” of editorial guidelines, the BBC Trust has ruled. The episode of Don’t Make Me Laugh, which sees comedians discuss topics without causing the audience to chuckle, went out on 21 April. […]

EU referendum: 1975 and 2016, a tale of two campaigns

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By Jamie Robertson Business reporter, From BBC News It wasn’t called Brexit then, but 41 years ago British businesses had few doubts about Europe. They campaigned enthusiastically to take Britain into the European Economic Community (EEC) or Common Market in 1973. Two years later the business sector again rallied to the cause in the 1975 […]

Fuel surcharge, what fuel surcharge?

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By Jamie Robertson From BBC Remember the fuel surcharge imposed by the airlines when oil prices started to rise? Now with oil at a 12 year low, below $30 a barrel, how can airlines possibly be hitting passengers with a surcharge for jet fuel? The point is they aren’t. But before you crack open the […]