December 2, 2022

10 Caribbean roots women in U.S. elected posts

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From News Americas Now Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, last April, accompanied President Barack Obama on his Caribbean trip to Jamaica and the Summit of the Americas in Panama. (White House photo) Compiled By NAN Staff Writer News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Mar. 9, 2016: Worldwide and across the U.S., women, including those born […]

Researchers gave a drummer a third arm using a robot suit and it completely transformed his music

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By Danielle Muoio, Tech Insider From Business Insider Playing the drums is a lot more sophisticated when you have three arms instead of two. Georgia Tech researchers transformed an ordinary drummer into a cyborg when they equipped him with a robot arm. The two-foot long smart arm was attached to the drummer’s shoulder and is […]

Giant rafts of fire ants are somehow surviving South Carolina floods

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By Andrew Freedman From Mashable Fire ants may be painful when they bite (and are terrible news for homeowners), but you have to give them credit: They’re survivors. Facing biblical rains and historic flooding in South Carolina this week, giant rafts of fire ants have been spotted floating together in roving ant islands. This behavior […]