November 30, 2021

The Editor speaks: Being homeless

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One of the issues that is not only neglected but rarely discussed are Cayman’s homeless. It was brought HOME to me when one of our banks, not surprisingly, won their case to foreclose on one of their customers for being behind in his payment of only CI$3,000! If this was in the UK the bank […]

The Editor Speaks: Fuel petition may finally fuel Cayman’s gas suppliers to take notice

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George Ebanks’ fuel petition that backs government’s proposal to make our bulk fuel importers accountable is growing by the thousands. I am one of the very last persons who want to increase legislation as in most cases it produces more headaches than what it replaces. We even have legislation proposed where there has never been […]

The Editor Speaks: Why are our fuel prices so high?

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I don’t know. Of course if you ask the two fuel companies here, Rubis and Sol who replaced recently Chevron/Texaco and Esso respectively, they will give you all sorts of reasons why we cannot compare our prices with the ones in the USA. Even though both companies buy their fuel from the USA! The argument […]