June 28, 2022

Tax avoidance by the numbers: The Paradise Papers

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By Kenneth W. Boyd Here’s a quick riddle for you: what do Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Shakira, and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? All of them are mentioned in the Paradise Papers! This 1.4-Terabyte treasure trove of financial documents contains details about some of the world’s wealthiest people. The list of hundreds of people whose confidential transactions have […]

GE will spin off its healthcare business and split from oil giant Baker Hughes in a massive reorganization

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By Joe Ciolli From Business Insider General Electric will spin off its healthcare business and divest its stake in oil-services company Baker Hughes, it said in a statement on Tuesday. The moves come as part of a broad corporate reorganization that sees GE trying to shore up its balance sheet and streamline its businesses. General […]

Offshore Corporate Profits: The only thing ‘trapped’ is tax revenue

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By Kitty Richards and John Craig | January 9, 2014, from Centre for American Progress Recent investigations have revealed that multinational corporations are stockpiling trillions of dollars in “offshore” income, purportedly trapped overseas because of U.S. corporate taxes. This has created the illusion that there is a large stock of cash somewhere offshore, just waiting […]