September 23, 2021

Cayman Islands Governor visit to Health City

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Cayman Islands (November 16, 2018) – H.E. Governor Martyn Roper toured Health City Cayman Islands on Thursday, November 15 accompanied by his wife Elisabeth and a group of hospital officials. Governor Roper spent a few hours at the tertiary care medical facility in East End, Grand Cayman and received a full tour of the hospital’s […]

Multiple sclerosis patients in Cayman Islands invited to meet Dr. Romnesh de Souza

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Multiple sclerosis patients and their families are invited by The MS Foundation of the Cayman Islands to meet Dr. Romnesh de Souza and Gene Thompson from Health City Cayman Islands on Oct. 18th at 6 p.m. The deadline to apply to attend the meeting is Friday, Oct. 13th. Dr. de Souza isa consultant in the […]

From the Heart: Healthcare transformation from India to the Cayman Islands

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Model For High Quality Affordable Healthcare “From the Heart” is a documentary featuring Dr. Devi Shetty, Viren Shetty, Dr. A. Raguvanshi, Gene Thompson, and Dr. Chandy Abraham along with many other healthcare innovators. It explores the healthcare transformation taking place in India and now in the Cayman Islands through Health City. View the film and […]

New developments planned around Health City Cayman Islands

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From International Travel Journal Local entrepreneur plans major development around Health City Cayman islands. Supermarket, bank, gas station, pharmacy, restaurant and liquor store open in 2016. Health City Cayman Islands will benefit from major new developments around its hospital site. Local entrepreneur Joe Imparato is building a major commercial development around Health City Cayman Islands, […]

Health City offers internships for Caymanian students

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Health City Cayman Islands is excited to welcome sixteen Caymanian interns into its inaugural internship program of which 6 commenced their internship program this week. Councillor Winston Connolly from the Ministry of Education was on hand to welcome the first group. Health City’s first set of internships are primarily with a medical focus, with fourteen […]

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