July 24, 2021

Has Banksy’s prank revealed the value of creativity in business?

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By Clare Cavanagh, Reuters Community A couple of weeks ago, the world watched in awe as Banksy’s most famous picture Girl with Balloon was shredded as the hammer went down at Sotheby’s London. It was sold for £1.4million. Following the prank, it has now been renamed Love is in the Bin. According to Reuters, the […]

UK collected social media data as part of its mass surveillance

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By Swapna Krishna from engadet There are few safeguards in place to prevent its misuse. It’s no secret that the UK has been engaging in mass surveillance over the past few years. Since Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed the extent of their program, the UK’s security and intelligence organization GCHQ has been under fire for possible […]