June 2, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Immigration overstayers and snooping

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In a Press Release from the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration’s (DOI) Enforcement Division it reported that 185 overstayers fled the Cayman Islands during the month of August 2018. “The revised number of 185 includes the previously reported 14 persons that voluntarily turned themselves into the Enforcement Division,” Deputy Chief Immigration Officer, Gary Wong, explained. […]

Release of detainees at Cayman Islands IDC

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GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – After reviewing the detention of the migrants housed at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), the Department of Immigration (DOI) has determined that the detainees will be released from the facility pending the results of their legal matters. In response to the length of time in finalising immigration statuses for the detainee’s, […]

The Editor Speaks: Cuban migrants not winning any friends with escape ploy

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The 30 or so Cuban migrants who are here detained at the Immigration Detention Centre have said their break out was a ploy to bring attention to their grievances at their incarceration. All they have done is to make me hope they return back to where they came from very quickly, Cuba, and air their […]