April 16, 2021

Orange crocodiles that swim in bat poop are turning into a new species

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By Mike Wehner From BGR A very special kind of crocodile calls the Abanda caves in Gabon, Africa, home. The creatures are African dwarf crocodiles, but they might not be for very much longer, because their isolated habitat has prompted a shift in their genetics. Scientists recently conducted some testing on the animals and now […]

How to watch this week’s breathtaking ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse – SEPT 1

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By Ali Sundermier From Business Insider On September 1, as a dark shadow falls across the morning sky, a burning ring of fire will rise over Africa. No, it’s not the same ring of fire that Johnny Cash clumsily fell into. And it isn’t heralding an apocalypse or any other brand of worldwide catastrophe (as […]