November 29, 2021

Don’t worry, our cats won’t turn us into psychopaths

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By Steve Williams From Care2 A 2012 article by the Independent shines a light on the already known, but still tentative, link between the cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii and a potential for psychological disturbances in those humans it infects. Furthermore, the article draws readers’ attention to the fact that a soon-to-be issued report that shows British infection rates may […]

Fraud, theft, foul play: Can advisers spot the next scandal before it breaks?

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By Laura Miller From Professional Adviser How much can advisers really be expected to know about problem investments before they turn sour? Keydata and Arch cru collapsed separately six years ago, but important new details about who and what caused the multi-million pound failures are still filtering out. Advisers were among the first to be […]