January 24, 2021

Four Caribbean countries where visitors need to take extra caution

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By Nduta Waweru From Face2Face Africa The Caribbean and Latin America have one of the highest insecurity levels according to the recently released Law and Order Index. The Index, annually generated by Gallup, indicated that crime rates in this region dropped from 64 points in 2016 to 62 points in 2017. The report sought to […]

Report: Jamaica a major transit point for illicit drugs

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BY AZAD ALI From Caribbean Life Four Caribbean countries (CARICOM) have been named by the United States as major illicit drug-production countries. The Bahamas, Belize, Haiti and Jamaica were named as major drug-transit countries in the U.S. 2018 Narcotics Control Strategy Report. According the report, a major illicit drug-producing country is one in which 1,000 […]