July 24, 2021

STA Winners

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Meet OECS Member States 2019 Sustainable Tourism Awards Winners 1. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is a family owned, 68 room hotel on the island of Grenada. Guests can enjoy diving, yoga, spa treatments, market tours, complimentary beach pick up and drop offs, cooking classes, rum and chocolate tastings and […]

As Jamaica’s prime forests decline, row erupts over protection

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By Zadie Neufville CARIBBEAN360 KINGSTON, Jamaica, Friday June 5, 2015, IPS – For Jamaica, planting more trees as a way to build resilience is one of the highest priorities of the government’s climate change action plan. So when Cockpit Country residents woke up to bulldozers in the protected area, they rallied to get answers from […]