March 21, 2023

Irish government HQ bombarded with apples protesting Apple tax break

BY TIM CHESTER From Mashable The offices of Ireland’s ruling government party, Fine Gael, were littered with apples Wednesday, as members of Sinn Fein’s youth wing staged a vibrant protest against Apple’s recent tax furor. Red and green apples of various varieties covered the railings and steps outside the party’s Dublin headquarters following the EU […]

Des Traynor – Irish elite’s top money manager [he sent millions to Cayman Islands]

By Gareth Morgan From Independent.IE DesS Traynor was the man who managed money for many of Ireland’s most important people – and sent millions offshore to destinations such as the Cayman Islands. He moved money through a complex series of accounts and companies in a bid to avoid scrutiny. Mr Traynor was dubbed “Charlie’s Bag […]