June 22, 2021

4 classic books that offer timeless lessons

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Many students might find it puzzling that they have to read classic books from decades to centuries ago while in high school. It’s essential to read the works of Shakespeare, George Orwell, and many other great writers as these literature pieces offer timeless lessons that apply to today’s world. You’ll get to learn about the […]

5 unexpected uses of a YouTube intro maker

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So, you have a great idea for a video that you want to make. You’ve recorded it and are now in the process of uploading it to YouTube. All you need to do is add in the intro. What could be harder really? But if this is your first attempt, you may not be sure […]

iMore Game of the week: Death coming

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By LUKE FILIPOWICZ From iMore Although the iOS version of Fortnite Battle Royale dominated the mobile gaming headlines this week, the first wave of invites have yet to be released, which means there are other games to be played! Death Coming is a wacky, morbid puzzle game that forces you to imagine all the ways […]