May 8, 2021

Research explains why you think you see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich

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By Stephanie Pappas, Senior Writer for LiveScience From Mashable The man in the moon. Jesus in toast. The Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich. Faces are everywhere — even when they’re not, strictly speaking, supposed to be. Now, new research reveals the brain processes that underlie these facial false alarms, a phenomenon called “face […]

It’s not just Qatar’s alleged World Cup bid buying racket making news but now it’s Australia too

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From The Age Australia Australia’s World Cup bid to be probed as whistleblower to testify in New York From Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker EXCLUSIVE A key whistleblower has been flown to New York to testify to international soccer’s top corruption investigator about Australia’s controversial bidding strategy for the scandal-plagued 2022 World Cup. Fairfax Media […]