December 6, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Why I write Editorials and Not “Fake News”

I write Editorials mostly. Only occasionally do I write articles claiming to be news. When I do sit down to write an article I point to the facts and, where I can, I give the source. I NEVER write the word ‘COULD’ in an article. I had not read the CNS article regarding the Cruise […]

Cayman Islands Cruise Berthing Facility deal signed is Fake News says Minister

STATEMENT By Hon. Moses Kirkconnell, Minister for District Administration, Tourism & Transport. Regarding the Cruise Berthing Facility and Expanded Cargo Port. As Minister of Tourism, I must dismiss as ‘fake news’ claims that the country’s proposed cruise berthing facility could be underway in weeks, and can affirm that the Cayman Islands government has not made […]

David Horowitz: Charlottesville biggest ‘Fake News,’ defends Trump

From Newsmax The tragedy in Charlottesville could have been an occasion to stop and consider how the tolerance for politically correct violence and politically correct hatred is leading the nation towards civil war. Instead the media and the political left have turned this incident into the biggest fake news story of the summer, transforming its […]

The Editor Speaks:This is Fake News

On a small island somewhere there was an election looming. The government of the day had done a pretty good job of governing this little country despite some of their members over the course of the last year abandoning ship. You see, this little country was embarking on a new system of election and it […]

The Editor Speaks: Freedom of the press

One of our stories today is headlined “Panama condemned for jailing journalist on ‘baseless’ charges”. Journalist being jailed for telling the truth and exposing corruption is becoming the norm now. Once upon a time even Dictators were frightened of the press and jailing a journalist, especially someone of the caliber of Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein, […]

The Editor Speaks: Fake News

We used to have Fake News here in the Cayman Islands except it was called “News On The Marl Road”. Occasionally there was a grain of truth in it. Move on twenty/ thirty years and websites are popping up all over the place with Fake News and it is hard sometimes to tell the difference. […]