September 23, 2021

OneWeb satellite internet mega-constellation set to fly

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By Jonathan Amos From BBC New London-based start-up OneWeb is set to launch the first six satellites in its multi-billion-pound project to take the internet to every corner of the globe. The plans could eventually see some 2,000 spacecraft orbiting overhead. Other companies are also promising so-called mega-constellations, but OneWeb believes it has first-mover advantage with an […]

Fuselage section of Ariane 5 launch vehicle found on Grand Cayman during beach clean-up

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During the Dart Green Team beach cleanup last Saturday (10), member Dominic Ross discovered part of what he thought was an aircraft fuselage that had been washed up onto the sand at Barkers. West Bay. Upon further investigation from the markings it turned ot that the pieces of fuselage were in fact from the European […]

Earth’s water came from asteroids not comets, Rosetta mission probe results suggest

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By Alok Jha Science Correspondent From ITV News One of the most important goals of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission at the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is to help planetary scientists work out where the Earth’s oceans came from. When the Earth coalesced out of the dust and gases surrounding the baby Sun 4.5 billion years […]

Rosetta spacecraft captures comet up-close and in 3D

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By Jason Major for Discovery News From Mashable On Aug. 6, 2014, the European Space Agency’s “comet chaser” Rosetta arrived at 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko after a decade of travel across the inner solar system. Now in the process of maneuvering into orbit around 67P’s 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) wide nucleus (via a series of triangular spiraling passes), Rosetta is […]

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