December 7, 2023

The Pan-African Unity Dialogue calls for an immediate ceasefire in Ethiopia

The Pan-African Unity Dialogue Calls for an Immediate Ceasefire in Ethiopia Demands that all Parties Commit to a Comprehensive Peace Settlement The Pan African Unity Dialogue (PAUD) condemns the resumption of war between the combined Ethiopian and Eritrean forces on one side and the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) on the other, and demands that all parties commit to negotiations that […]

Cayman startup, Barefoot Journeys selected to attend 2022 International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes alongside global travel buyers

Cayman’s newest travel startup Barefoot Journeys has confirmed their attendance, among a select group of global travel advisors at the 2022 International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes. The prestigious invite only event will see Barefoot Journeys place the Cayman Islands firmly on the map as a provider of some of the world’s best luxury […]

The FAA calculated that Boeing’s 737 Max could crash a total of 15 times, killing more than 3,000 people, if it wasn’t grounded and fixed

By Will martin From Business Insider An internal investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which was recently made public, predicted that the Boeing 737 Max crash could crash 15 times more over its lifespan. The figure was released during a Wednesday hearing before the House Transportation Committee on the plane’s safety. 15 crashes of […]

Kia hands over new ‘Kia Green Light School’ to the Tanzanian Government

Kia Motors successfully operates school for five years before handover Kia’s volunteers working in Ethiopia to support the country’s education and renovation efforts Green Light Project aids mobility and self-sufficiency in Africa Kia Motors Corporation has transferred operation of one of its Kia Green Light Schools to a local community in Tanzania. This is the latest facility to be handed […]

Change in Eritrea?

By Joanna Ewart-James, From Freedom United News last week signaling what might be the beginning of the end of mass forced conscript labor in Eritrea is an unprecedented, if uncertain, development. This system, which leaves the majority of the population indefinitely trapped, sometimes in the private economy, puts any company investing in the country at considerable […]

Carnival and emancipation celebrations in Grenada!

By Hudson George From Caribbean News Now Carnival and emancipation celebrations in Grenada! Well as a Grenadian myself, I think the both celebrations are good. And not to forget the Big Drum Festival in Carriacou and Petite Martinique too. For sure, August is the month when residents of Carriacou and Petite Martinique gather together to […]

Monster’ El Niño subsides, La Niña hitting soon

By Baher Kamal From Inter Press Service   ROME, Jul 18 2016 (IPS) – As if human-made armed conflicts, wickedness, rights abuse, gender violence, cruel inequality and climate catastrophes were not enough, now the saying “God Always Forgives, Men Sometimes, Nature Never” appear to be more true than ever. See what happens. Now that the 2015-2016 […]

Ethiopia welcomes Jamaica’s assistance in Education

By Rochelle Williams From JIS His Imperial Highness Welcomes Assistance towards the Development of Ethiopia’s Education System Story Highlights His Imperial Highness, Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie says he will welcome assistance from Jamaican educators, in the development of the Ethiopian school system. The citation was read by Co-chair of the Nyahbinghi Administrative Council, Sister, Mitzie Williams. […]

The World’s poorest nations still can’t dig themselves out of poverty despite strong economic growth

By AFP From Business Insider Geneva (AFP) – The planet’s poorest nations like Ethiopia, Malawi and Angola have failed to cash in on strong economic growth due to a lack of structural reforms and left them wallowing in poverty, the UN warned. In its annual report on the world’s least developed countries, or LDCs, the […]