March 22, 2023

Death at the hands of a foreign culture

By John Nania, Epoch Times The death of a young American Peace Corps volunteer sheds light on China today On July 30, the CCP launched the most severe attack ever against Epoch Times website, causing some temporary inconvenience for readers. However, readers were seeking news about the investigation of former security czar Zhou Yongkang and […]

Could China be running espionage in Caribbean?/China demands ‘Severe Punishment’ for Google…

Could China be running espionage operations in the Caribbean under the guise of aid? By Felix OmondiFrom innov8tiv Over the last few years, various Caribbean governments have been the beneficiaries of personal computers donations from foreign governments. Now security experts allege that there could be clandestine hardware modifications done to some of these computers that […]

Chinese banknotes stamped with QR codes breach great firewall

By Alex Magdaleno From Mashable Centuries of invaders couldn’t break the Great Wall of China, but a Chinese yuan can. Well, the “Great Firewall,” at least. A series of one yuan banknotes became a whole lot more valuable after being stamped with a quick response (QR) code — a type of matrix barcode that, when […]