May 11, 2021

Third party litigation funding in the Cayman Islands: A shift in policy

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By Marc Kish and David Freeman From Ogier In a recent landmark decision of the Grand Court in A Company and A Funder 1, the Court has approved a third party litigation funding agreement and in doing so given a roadmap to funders as to what conditions it will apply in such cases. While previous […]

Re PAC Limited (In Official Liquidation): How to empower Cayman Liquidation Committees

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By Peter McMaster QC and Jeremy Snead From Appleby It is sometimes assumed that the liquidation committee of an insolvent Cayman company can do little when it disagrees with decisions by liquidators. A Cayman Islands Grand Court ruling on 11 December 2015 serves as a reminder that this is incorrect. The battle was over whether […]

Axiom case exposes dysfunctional English Court system

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By David Marchant   From OffshoreAlert British authorities rarely fail to disappoint me by demonstrating how third world their country is whenever I try to obtain information for an investigation into financial wrongdoing. Incompetence, inefficiency, ignorance, unhelpfulness, and painstaking slowness are what I have come to expect over the years. Yes, there are some exceptions, but […]