December 7, 2022

Cayman: Latest models on AL98 storm heading our way – UPDATE 22 Sep ’22

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From Weathernerds ECMWF Ensemble NOTE on ECMWF Ensembles: These data are plotted directly as provided to the public by the ECMWF. The vortex tracker may have difficulties tracking TCs or Invests, particularly weaker storms or Invests that do not yet have an easily-identified location. Also, members that contain TC formation that occurs later in the forecast (after 24 […]

99L poised to become Tropical Storm Hermine

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By: Bob Henson and Jeff Masters , 3:57 PM GMT on August 24, 2016 From Weather Underground Invest 99L is already bringing winds of tropical storm force to the northern Lesser Antilles Islands, and it could become a tropical storm at any time over the next day as it heads west-northwest at 15 mph towards […]

U.S. upgrades its weather forecasting system, but still lags behind competitors

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BY ANDREW FREEDMAN From Mashable The National Weather Service (NWS) has completed a major upgrade to its main supercomputers, which are now processing weather data in four dimensions instead of three. The move will result in more accurate weather forecasts, the agency says. However, the NWS still lags considerably behind several major weather centers abroad […]