May 8, 2021

Echos from the Plantation’ chronicles Indians in Guyana

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BY TANGERINE CLARKE From Caribbean Life “Echos from the Plantation,” a docudrama that chronicles 180 years of East Indians in Guyana, and draws parallel between Indian and African indentured workers who braved inhumane conditions at the hands of slave masters, received rave reviews at its first screening in Brooklyn. Indo-Guyanese nationals commemorated their arrival on […]

Indo-Guyanese celebrate 180-yr arrival anniversary

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BY TANGERINE CLARKE From Caribbean Life Consul General of Guyana to New York, Hon. Barbara Atherly, called on Guyanese to unite and uphold the motto of their country “One People, One Nation, with One Destiny” during the screening of “Echoes of the Plantation” — a movie commemorating 180 years of East Indians in Guyana. Oh […]

India to send delegations to Guyana and Suriname

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By Ray Chickrie From Caribbean News Now GEORGETOWN, Guyana — India’s foreign ministry plans to send delegations to visit 68 countries, including Guyana and Suriname, in an effort to expand and improve India’s international presence amidst growing escalation of violence in the Valley of Kashmir, a disputed territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. The […]