June 16, 2021

Identity and politics of our leaders

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By Donovan Watkis From Caribbean News Now I believe that any leader selected without contest by political parties and who the possibility exist for him/her to become the country’s first minister brings into question the identity of who we are as a nation. I can truly speak to the concerns of my generation and the […]

Phillips calls for more int’l support for Caribbean region

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From Jamaica Observer KINGSTON, Jamaica — Finance and Planning Minister, Dr Peter Phillips, has cited the need for a “new agenda” of support for Jamaica and other Caribbean states by key international stakeholders. Dr Phillips said that the support is needed to effectively address vulnerabilities related to climate change and significant debt, which regional territories […]

One healthy, watery Caribbean

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By Dr Adana N Mahase-Gibson From Trinidad Express Newspapers As a medical professional, I always cringe when I hear about a creepy new disease emerging in some far off land. Gone are the days when we could say: “Nah, that is only in Asia or Africa, Trini people safe!” In our increasingly connected world we […]