May 15, 2022

More than 7,000 stores are closing in 2019 as the retail apocalypse drags on — here’s the full list

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By Hayley Peterson From Business Insider More than 7,000 stores are expected to close in 2019. Dress Barn is going out of business and closing all of its 650 stores, the company said Monday. Charlotte Russe, Family Dollar, and Chico’s recently announced more than 1,100 store closures in a span of 24 hours. Payless has said it plans to close all of […]

Burning down the mall because you can’t find a shopping cart joins long list of customer overreactions

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By Mary Beth Quirk  From Consumerist When you’ve been wronged by a business — or believe you have been — there are two ways you can try to resolve the situation: one, you can take a deep breath and calmly address the issue at hand by using your words; or, you can go the opposite […]

Consumers turning to one-stop-shop stores rather than traditional grocery stores

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By Ashlee Kieler From Consumerist When I was growing up, my mom would do our family’s grocery shopping at several different stores. She’d purchase fresh produce at one, meat at another and non-perishable items like cleaning supplies at another. Today, she only goes to one store. She’s part of a growing trend of consumers frequenting […]