April 16, 2021

Dive Pirates Foundation visits Cayman Brac Resort

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By Sam Helmy From Deeper Blue To celebrate 15 years of Adaptive Diver training, the Dive Pirates Foundation took over Cayman Brac for a week. During the week, 80 individuals descended on the resort to celebrate adaptive sport. One of the beneficiaries of the 2016 Dive Pirates Foundation is Army Specialist John Kennedy, who stated: “When I was diagnosed with MS, I thought my […]

Dive Pirates Foundation exploring Grand Cayman’s Cobalt Coast

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By John Liang From Deeper Blue The Dive Pirates Foundation this week is exploring Clearly Cayman’s newly acquired Cobalt Coast as a location for seasoned adaptive divers to continue enjoying great Caribbean diving. According to foundation President Sophie Wimberley: “Cayman Brac will always be our home for our yearly trip with new adaptive divers, and with our longstanding relationship with Cayman Brac […]

Lessons from The Cayman [Islands]

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From The Malarsie Project When I tell people that I scuba dive the most common response is confusion. Most people simply can’t imagine what pleasure there is in diving when you can’t see anything  around you in the water. Perhaps there are some blind folks that would hate the whole experience but today I wanted […]