March 21, 2023

Life-saving care in Cayman Islands

From New York Daily News Last year, Lakeisha Wilson desperately needed help for her two-year-old daughter Ala, who was diagnosed with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes. And, in December, she got that help and more from Health City Cayman Islands hospital, home of the only pediatric endocrinologist permanently based in the Caribbean. With no diabetic specialists […]

Turks and Caicos toddler gets critical diabetic care in the Cayman Islands

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, Sunday March 5, 2017 – A two-year-old toddler from the Turks and Caicos Islands has a new lease on life after receiving critical diabetic treatment at a Caribbean hospital. Bahamian Lakeisha Wilson, who works as a nutritionist in a Turks and Caicos Islands hospital, traveled to Health City Cayman Islands, a […]