March 21, 2023

US: A Cornell frat is on probation after a competition called a ‘pig roast’ where members earned points for having sex with women

By Abby Jackson From Business Insider The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at Cornell has been placed on probation for a competition called a “pig roast.” The frat awarded a winner based on the member who had sex with the woman who weighed the most. The fraternity will be on probation for two years. The Zeta […]

Ivy League Black Students Group: There are too many African and Caribbean students here

By Matt Vespa From Townhall Identity politics is a nasty thing. Everyone who isn’t a progressive knows this. At Cornell University, that slice of politics is rearing its ugly head, with the school’s black students group demanding that more African American students be enrolled. They’re concerned that there are too many Caribbean and African students. […]

Science explains why refrigerated tomatoes lack flavor

By Ashlee Kieler From Consumerist From the dawn of time, food enthusiasts, chefs, and people who eat have been arguing on exactly where their produce should be kept. While experts have previously told Consumerist that keeping tomatoes in the refrigerator isn’t a good idea, that recommendation has been confirmed through the power of science. The […]

Caribbean Waterbird Census

Grand Bahama Birding Group conducts Caribbean Waterbird Census By Erika Gates From The Bahamas Weekly Freeport, Bahamas – The Grand Bahama Birding Group gathered on three different days for the fourth annual Caribbean Waterbird Census. This project is organized by Birds Caribbean (formerly the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds – SCSCB) […]