April 14, 2021

More US sanctions target Venezuelan officials with close ties to Maduro

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From WN The Trump administration imposed sanctions targeting eight more Venezuelan officials on Wednesday, including the brother of late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, as punishment for their role in helping create the new legislative super body with President Nicolas Maduro, according to Reuters. The United States said that sanctions targeting the vital oil industry in […]

Maduro: Imperial US bans won’t intimidate me

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From Caribbean News Service CARACAS, Venezuela, Aug 01 2017 – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has dismissed US sanctions imposed on him after the Sunday vote on a new assembly, saying Washington’s threats cannot intimidate him, and that he will not “listen to orders from the empire.” Maduro made the remarks in a televised speech on […]

Caribbean, ALBA nations defeat anti-Venezuela motion at OAS

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From telesur Caracas has repeatedly accused the OAS and its chief Luis Almagro of promoting intervention and destabilization in Venezuela. The OAS has suspended its meeting called to discuss the political and economic situation in Venezuela, with the interventionist motion led by the U.S. failing to muster the required majority to pass. The Caribbean community […]