May 16, 2021

ECTEL – the “mouse” that roared

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By Patrick Hoyos – The Broad Street Journal, From Caribbean360 BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Saturday November 29, 2014 – I’m going to have to start today’s column by being perfectly honest with you: Up to last week, I had never heard of ECTEL. But I take comfort in my suspicion that neither had Cable & Wireless. Well, […]

Green is the new black

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By Patrick Hoyos from Caribbean360 BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday October 16, 2014 – At some point, comparing numbers loses all meaning for me. I can understand if you have ‘x’ more dollars, circulation, people, or fish cakes than me only if I can count them with the ten digits on my hands. When you get up […]