April 22, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Mental health

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There is no doubt that mental health patients have suffered here in the Cayman Islands for decades with no proper facilities. At long last it seems that these patients are going to get a facility that is being specially tailored to their needs. The lock em up – out of mind mentality has been the […]

Christopher Lee’s final act – The disappearing estate

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By Stuart Clark From Hull & Hull LLP When Sir Christopher Lee died this past June 2015, he died leaving what is perhaps the greatest “baddie” resume of any actor in recent memory. From James Bond villain “Francisco Scaramanga” in The Man with the Golden Gun, to “Saruman” in the Lord of the Rings and […]

The Editor Speaks: The Men with the Golden Gun

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“The Man with the Golden Gun” was a James Bond thriller that was made into a movie with the same name and starred Roger Moore as James Bond and the late Christopher Lee as the man with the golden gun. Here in the Cayman Islands we have our own version and if you think the […]