April 16, 2021

More than 100 scientists sign letter of support for planned asteroid deflection mission, urge funding

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By Norman Byrd From Inquisitr More than 100 scientists have signed an open letter to support the joint NASA/ESA asteroid deflection mission slated for a 2020 launch. They do so not only because of the necessity of learning whether an attempted deflection will actually succeed but also to stress the importance of the scientific value […]

Here’s why slow-motion video could be more damaging in front of a jury

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By Nicole Orttung, Christian Science Monitor From Business Insider With the proliferation of police officers’ body cameras and popularity of citizens live-streaming run-ins with the police, it’s increasingly likely that court testimony isn’t just one memory of how events unfolded held up against another. More and more, there’s video evidence to consider as well. But […]

Why is NASA sending its astronauts to the bottom of the ocean?

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By Joseph Dussault, Christian Science Monitor From Business Insider On Thursday [21], NASA sent a team of astronauts and scientists more than 60 feet below sea level for a 16-day underwater expedition. NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations 21, or NEEMO, is designed to simulate scenarios that may arise in future Mars missions. “Equipment can fail, communication […]