December 9, 2023

Xi Jinping and Donald Trump agree to trade truce, no additional tariffs, China state media says

By Zhou Xin From South China Morning Post US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agree to a trade truce in their dinner meeting Saturday Deal includes no trade tariffs after January 1, according to Chinese state media China Daily and Chinese international broadcaster CGTN both said Trump and Xi agreed to not […]

An impossible library

Three Girls Sit In An Impossible Library By Trey Ratcliff From Stuck In Customs CHINA DAILY ARTICLE While I was in Shanghai, I was interviewed by the biggest newspaper in China, the China Daily. Here is a link to the article: There are a few factual errors in there, but that’s okay… I don’t […]

Meeting between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump would play ‘key role’ in easing tensions

By Laura Zhou From South China Morning Post China’s top US envoy said a meeting between presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump on the sidelines of next month’s G20 summit would play a “key, irreplaceable role” in easing tensions. But analysts were not optimistic about a breakthrough being reached on the trade war. In an […]

Aerial photos of China 1

26 breathtaking aerial photos show just how enormous China is Part 1 By Tom Murray From Business Insider Have you heard of Quanzhou? The odds are, probably not. And yet, Quanzhou, China is home to 800,000 more people than Madrid, which you probably have heard of. The Guardian recently reported that China has over 100 […]

India is shopping for submarines as China extends its reach into the Indian Ocean

By Christopher Woody From Business Insider India has contacted six foreign shipyards with a formal request for information about building six nonnuclear submarines. The request comes as part of Project 75I, a program worth over $12 billion, according to Defense News. New Delhi asked shipyards in Russia, France, Japan, and Germany, among others, for information […]

David Jessop: Should it matter who pays for Caribbean development?

By David Jessop From Jamaica Gleaner By any measure, the Caribbean’s infrastructure requirements are substantial. If the region is to be able to increase its competitiveness and give citizens the quality of life they desire, its transformation has become a matter of urgency. In 2014, Dr Warren Smith, the then new president of the Caribbean […]

Science journal retracts 107 ‘fabricated’ research papers by Chinese authors

BY YVETTE TAN From Mashable An international publisher has retracted 107 research papers by Chinese authors, after finding out that the reports had been “compromised.” The articles were published by the Springer Nature publishing company in the journal Tumor Biology, between 2012 and 2016. The publisher said it found that the papers, which are required […]

The Caribbean must help erase and correct the colossal Columbus lie!

By Earl Bousquet From Caribbean News Now As they’ve always done for as long as all alive can remember, Saint Lucians on December 13th celebrated a dubious ‘National Day’ holiday on a date with no place in the island’s history. For centuries, 13th December was celebrated here as ‘Discovery Day’, following taught belief that Christopher […]

Thousands of Chinese residents evacuated for world’s largest telescope

By Emily Calandrelli From TechCrunch Over 9,000 Chinese residents will be evacuated from their homes in order to create a radio-quiet zone for the world’s largest telescope. The telescope, known as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), will listen for radio waves in the universe, a common strategy used by scientists to search for intelligent […]