September 26, 2022

OPINION: Maduro’s lies and support by Apparatchiks

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By Jolly Green Maduro’s claims that nothing is wrong with Venezuela that cannot be put right if the British, the Americans and all countries in between holding Venezuelan funds and gold, paid over such to him. But thankfully they won’t, they have impounded it for safe keeping for the people. I was considering something today […]

OPINION: So, what’s next? [No star countries]

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From Jolly Green I recently read with great interest an article in which Tobago was described as a two-star country.However, when you look at countries and attach stars to them, you may well notice there are several no star Caribbean countries, and even a couple which are reverse or minus star countries. Countries which were […]

OPINION: Has the so-called 21st Century Socialism improved the lot of countries adopting it?

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By Jolly Green What exactly is 21st Century Socialism? Perhaps according to the people who are the new administrators of Socialism for the twenty-first century – it is not a society in which people sell their ability to work and are directed from above by others whose goal is profits rather than the satisfaction of […]