December 6, 2023

Caribbean Development Bank : Boosting climate resilience in the Caribbean water sector through training

From CDB From June 13 to 15, over 50 regional water sector professionals participated in a workshop at the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), which aimed to strengthen their capacity to establish climate-resilient water sector policies and investment plans in their countries. The workshop was part of CDB’s Planning for the Integration of Climate Resilience in […]

New guidelines for Caribbean coconut farmers

From Caribbean National Weekly Coconut farmers and others involved in the industry in the Caribbean, will have to adhere to an improved set of guidelines, under the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality’s (CROSQ) Coconut Water Standard. The new guidelines, agreed to at a meeting in Barbados on Monday, outlines, among other things, the […]

Pearl of the Caribbean Project progressing & expanding

By Christie DeBernardis From TDN CASTRIES, St. Lucia–In November of 2016, the TDN reported on the ground breaking of the island of St. Lucia’s first ever racetrack, which is the centerpiece of a $2.6-billion project known as the Pearl of the Caribbean to be built in the southern part of the island called Vieux Fort. […]

Irma’s Invoice for the Caribbean

From Antigua Observer A disaster risk expert estimates US $12.75 billion as the final tab on the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. James Daniel, a disaster risk analyst with the Center of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology(CEDIM), explained that Irma was a relatively expensive disaster to the Caribbean region, causing significant […]

Building climate resilience in coastal communities of the Caribbean

By Zadie Neufville From IPS NEGRIL, Jamaica, Aug 24 2017 (IPS) – Ceylon Clayton is trying to revive a sea moss growing project he and friends started a few years ago to supplement their dwindling earnings as fishermen. This time, he has sought the support of outsiders and fishermen from neighbouring communities to expand the […]

Caribbean Project: The Origin of AIDS

By Hunter Wallace From Occidental Dissent AIDS came to the United States from Haiti Haiti In the mid-1970s, Port-au-Prince in Haiti was a prime destination for American gay sex tourism, especially for male homosexuals in the New York City metropolitan area. It was these adventures of these New York homosexuals in Haiti that brought AIDS […]

Caribbean Project: Labadee, Hispanolia

By Hunter Wallace “In the early twentieth century, the Cayman Islands and Dutch Antilles specialized in the export of live turtles” Haiti Reading over Steve Sailer’s column “Why Haiti Is So Hopeless,” I am struck by how little attention is paid to the relative absence of tourism as an explanation for Haiti’s dismal condition. There […]

Caribbean Project: The collapse of Caribbean agriculture

By Hunter Wallace From Occidental Dissent In spite of all that has been written here about the Golden Circle, the sugar plantation in the Caribbean has gone the way of the cotton plantation in the Deep South. Agriculture in general has also ceased to be of much importance: “The most spectacular decline was in the […]