September 28, 2022

Caribbean Festival of Arts: Where is the Indo-Caribbean culture?

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by Ms. Sherry Hosein Singh, Trinidad, West Indies From eturbonews The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) in Trinidad and Tobago has come and US$6 million has gone. A post-mortem has to be done. With respect to Indo-Caribbean culture in CARIFESTA, it was marginalized in the Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname presentations. A content analysis by percentages […]

The Caribbean celebrates the Fire Festival in Santiago de Cuba

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From teleSUR The festival celebrates the unity of the Caribbean peoples, their origins and history. The Fire Festival is going on in Santiago de Cuba, considered “the most Caribbean city” in the island, aimed to celebrate the Caribbean people, its culture and history, and to exchange ideas and experiences. The festival is taking place between […]