December 2, 2023

Caribbean Carnival Celebrations: A guide to the colorful festivities

man wearing a white polo shirt and hat playing drums on carnival – pexels Dive into the vibrant world of Caribbean carnival celebrations. These festivities, originating from a rich tapestry of African and European traditions, pulsate with life. Moreover, they’re deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the Caribbean islands. Every element tells a story, […]

It just doesn’t stop for Benje in 2017!

2017 is a year of serious momentum for this Soca Superstar! Benje is releasing yet another explosive track that will have the airwaves buzzing in a whole new way. Carnival will never be the same after ‘Rum Rum Rum’. ‘Rum Rum Rum’ was produced and written by Benjamin ‘Benje’ Alexander, background vocals by Denice Millien, […]