May 18, 2022

Cayman Islands Cancer Registry sees 50% monthly increase in registration rates

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The Cayman Islands Cancer Registry has increased its pool of voluntary enrollees of cancer survivors by a monthly average of 50 percent since the start of 2017, moving the registry one step closer in its efforts to better understanding cancer and developing strategies to mitigate its risks in the Cayman Islands. “This increase in registration […]

Cayman Islands cancer registry registration on the rise

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Registration rates for the Cayman Islands’ cancer registry have been consistently increasing each year. This is the result of cancer survivors and patients being regularly referred to the registry from more than a dozen medical professionals and cancer organisations across the island since data collection efforts first began. These increased data collection efforts come after […]

Cayman Islands Cancer Registry Awareness Month

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The Cayman Islands Cancer Registry Needs You! The month of January is Cancer Registry awareness month. The Cayman Islands Cancer Registry collects voluntary cancer patient information to help better compare the Cayman Islands to other Caribbean countries as well as on a worldwide scale. It is important to collect data, as it can provide an […]