August 18, 2022

Horrifying video shows a snake wearing a decapitated fish head

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BY BRIAN KOERBER From Mashable Today in absolutely horrifying things found in nature: a snake slithering around in a shallow body of water wearing a huge fish head. The clip, which was submitted to the appropriate subreddit r/WTF on Tuesday, was a hit on the notoriously deranged forum. If you can shock r/WTF, you’ve got […]

Self-driving cars are already deciding who to kill

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By Gus Lubin From Business Insider Autonomous vehicles are already making profound choices about whose lives matter, according to experts, so we might want to pay attention. “Every time the car makes a complex maneuver, it is implicitly making trade-off in terms of risks to different parties,” Iyad Rahwan, an MIT cognitive scientist, wrote in […]