July 4, 2022

Archiving WhatsApp messages for trial and legal matters

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Legal actions filed by or against companies are a common sight in the business landscape. It’s a painstaking, costly process which could potentially destroy the reputation of the business, especially if it does not have any reliable evidence to counter the claims. According to courtstatistics.org, median costs for a business lawsuit start at $54,000 for a […]

WhatsApp messaging in the financial sector: Tips to using it and staying compliant

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With the BYOD approach in enterprise communication already the norm in the U.S. and U.K. finance sectors, the compliance risks facing companies for allowing their employees to use consumer-grade apps like WhatsApp have also increased. Data protection regulations as well as industry regulations such as FINRA,MiFID II, and GDPR all require companies to archive captured […]

The Apple watch needs to be cool — More than it needs to make money

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By Timothy Stenovec From Huffington Post CUPERTINO, CALIF. — Apple needs you to think its new Watch is cool. But it doesn’t actually need you to buy one. The tech giant spent years developing Apple Watch, the wrist-worn computer that it announced to big applause in a packed auditorium here today. If Apple Watch isn’t […]