July 7, 2022

US Elections: No Dem wave, but GOP loses house in split decision

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By David A. Patten  From Newsmax Voters in Tuesday’s election delivered a split verdict that gave both Democrats and President Donald Trump room to declare victory, with the result being a new Congress next year that will be just as deeply divided as the electorate that sent them to Washington. Democrats reclaimed control of the […]

US presidents and media

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By Sarah Jacobs President Bill Clinton discusses his campaign with reporters aboard Air Force One on his way back to Washington on November 6, 1996./AP Photo The US president’s relationship with the press has long been a complicated one, and it has varied from administration to administration. To name just a few examples, President Lyndon […]

Experts: Carney’s departure comes as press grows more wary of Obama

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By Todd Beamon From Newsmax White House press secretary Jay Carney’s resignation capped a tenure that saw the media grow increasingly restless toward President Barack Obama amid of a bevy of scandals, including the controversy that led to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki’s departure on Friday, experts told Newsmax. “I wish him well,” Ari Fleischer, […]