August 16, 2022

8 Fascinating facts about Thailand

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From Everything-Everywhere Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. Yet, there are many facts which people might not know about the “Land of Smiles”. Even though I’ve spent almost a half year here in total, there are still things I’m learning about the country. 1) It used to be called Siam For […]

“Giraffe women”

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1935: Padaung women in London By Alex Q. Arbuckle  From Mashable “Giraffe women” go out on the town The Kayan Lahwi people, also known as Padaung, are a minority ethnic group with populations in Burma and Thailand. Padaung women are famous for their distinctive custom of wearing brass coils around their necks. As the women […]

Slavery on Thailand’s trawlers

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Forced to fish: Slavery on Thailand’s trawlers By Becky Palmstrom BBC News, Thailand Becky Palmstrom investigated the murky world of human trafficking in Thailand’s fishing industry Thailand is the third largest exporter of seafood in the world, supplying supermarkets in Europe and America, but it’s accused of crewing fishing boats with Burmese and Cambodian men […]